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The My Toyota Program

The My Toyota Program (“the Program”) is offered by l’ Association Pièces et Service des Concessionnaires Toyota du Québec / the Parts and Service Association of Quebec Toyota Dealers (“the PSAQTD”) and allows members to accumulate points redeemable for discounts at the participating Quebec Toyota dealers appearing in the list of participating dealers that can be found at (“the Site”).

Use of the My Toyota card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Program. The terms and conditions of the Program are set forth below.

Membership to the My Toyota Program

To participate in the Program, you must comply with the eligibility conditions and become a member by completing the registration form for the Program online. The form is available on the Site and enrolment is free. To be eligible, you must be a resident of Canada, be eighteen (18) years of age or over, possess a driver’s licence, own or lease a Certified Toyota or any other brand of vehicle, be a current or potential client of a participating Quebec Toyota dealer and consent to the legal terms and conditions of the Program and to the conditions of use for the Site. Neither companies, corporations, nor businesses can enroll in the Program.

Program enrolment must be done using the legal name of the individual who satisfies the above-mentioned criteria. Membership is personal and member accounts are non-transferable. In the event of death, member accounts will be closed and the accumulated points in the account will be cancelled. The My Toyota points are indivisible, in cases of divorce for example.

It is the responsibility of Program members to update their personal information, such as address, telephone numbers or email address, by modifying their profile and account via the Site. The PSAQTD reserves the right to cancel a card and an account if a member’s personal information is incomplete or inaccurate.

Potential Program members will receive a My Toyota card with a registered number that will be associated with an account once their enrolment is duly completed on the Site. Members are responsible for the security of their account, and they should not, for example, share their password or their secret questions registered in their profile.

Members enrolled in the Program will occasionally be informed of special offers via emails sent to the email address in their account. If members do not wish to receive promotional emails from the My Toyota Program as part of advertising or marketing campaigns, during their enrolment they can leave the box “I want to receive email notifications” blank. Once they are enrolled, it is also possible for members to remove the check mark from the box beside “I want to receive email notifications” on their member profile.

The My Toyota card remains the property of the APSCTQ and must be returned upon request. It is not a credit card. It has no cash value, is not refundable and may not be assigned. The APSCTQ can revoke the card at any time at its sole discretion without any compensation due. The points awarded pursuant to the Program are not considered to be member property, do not have any cash value, cannot be exchanged for money and cannot be sold or assigned.

The personal information provided in order to enroll in the Program and become a member will be used according to the Loi sur la protection des renseignements personnels dans le secteur privé (L.R.Q. c. P-39.1) (Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector) and any other applicable federal or provincial law. The APSCTQ has adopted a policy on the protection of personal information and confidentiality that can be found on the Site.


Members accumulate points redeemable for discounts by presenting their My Toyota card at participating Quebec Toyota dealers when purchasing and paying for: i) parts; ii) accessories; iii) services; and/or iv) maintenance. For transactions covered by the Program, members accumulate ten (10) points for each dollar spent, before taxes (GST/QST). The number of points awarded will be calculated based on the rounded-down amount closest to the net amount invoiced and paid.

Each point has a discount value of three thousandths of a dollar ($0.003). For example, a member with ten thousand (10,000) points can redeem their points at a participating Quebec Toyota dealer for a discount of thirty dollars ($30.00) towards the purchase after taxes (GST/QST) of: i) parts; ii) accessories; iii) services; iv) maintenance; and/or v) the purchase or lease of a new Toyota or a Certified used Toyota, or a non-Certified used Toyota. The discount will be applied to the total amount including taxes.

No points will be awarded or redeemed for a discount, for services rendered by the body shops at participating Quebec Toyota dealers, or for services or products purchased at participating Quebec Toyota dealers covered by a guarantee or paid for by an insurance company

No points will be awarded when purchasing or leasing a new Certified Toyota or a used Toyota. However, accumulated points can be redeemed for a discount at a participating Toyota dealer when purchasing, paying for, or leasing a new Certified Toyota or a used Toyota.

When using discount points, members can accumulate points for the transaction against which a discount has been applied, but the points will be calculated based on the net amount invoiced and paid, less the discount amount after taxes. Points accumulated during a transaction cannot be redeemed for the same transaction.

Points awarded are added to member accounts and accumulate until they are used by members at participating Quebec Toyota dealers.

When enrolling in the Program, new members can be awarded points for their most recent purchases of parts, accessories, services, or maintenance, if they complete their enrolment in the Program within thirty (30) days following their purchase. Otherwise, any points temporarily reserved will not be activated and the card will be suspended for a maximum of nine (9) months following the first transaction. If the member profiles are duly completed within this lapse of time, any points accumulated will be added to the member files. After the nine (9) month period, any non-validated cards will be cancelled and points will be lost.

After eighteen (18) months of inactivity, meaning that no points have been awarded or redeemed during this period, members will receive a first notice advising them that if no transactions are made in the next six (6) months, the points in their file will be cancelled. After twenty-four (24) months of inactivity, the points in the member file will be automatically cancelled. Members will receive a final notice of inactivity between thirty (30) to sixty (60) days before their points are cancelled, advising them that their inactivity will result in their points being cancelled and the date of cancellation. Their file will remain open and members will continue to receive communications by email related to the Program, but the card will have the status of inactive. However, members will be able to reactivate their card and thereby recommence earning new points when they visit their dealer. Reactivating a card does not restore cancelled points.

Special offers can be made to members and bonus points can be awarded during a limited time when purchasing certain products and services, at the conditions stipulated at the time. As well, special offers can be made to members based on their profile, their needs, their geographical location, or their past participation in the Program.

Points awarded upon purchase of a product at a participating dealer will automatically be deducted from the member’s account upon the exchange or return of said product. The member is entitled to a reimbursement equal to the amount paid after taxes of the initial purchase of the product. The APSCTQ does not guarantee the products or services offered by participating Quebec Toyota dealers.

Members can view the status of their points online by visiting their profile on the Site or by visiting a participating Quebec Toyota dealer. Members are responsible for retaining all required documents, such as parts and service receipts, and for producing them when requested. It takes four (4) weeks for points awarded to appear in members’ accounts. If members notice an error in their points, they must report it immediately to My Toyota customer service.

Lost or stolen cards can be replaced, but the APSCTQ reserves the right to charge replacement costs. The loss or theft of a card does not cancel points accumulated by members. If a member card is used by another person, the member’s account will be credited for purchases made by the other person. However, if points were redeemed for a discount by a person other than the member associated with the points, the APSCTQ and/or participating Toyota dealers assume no responsibility for the points if the member did not previously advise a participating Quebec Toyota dealer of the loss or theft of their card, or did not cancel their card online via their profile on the Site.

Miscellaneous provisions

The Program will be terminated only once the APSCTQ informs Program members that the Program is being terminated. This notice will be sent to members at least sixty (60) days before the Program end date (the “Program End Date”). The termination notice will be posted at all participating dealers, on the website and through all other channels used to communicate with Program members, and will be sent by email to members who provided an email address or by mail to those who did not.

Program members will have ninety (90) days after the Program End Date to redeem their points accumulated up to the Program End Date. Points will be valid until 11:59 p.m. (ET) on the ninetieth (90th) day after the Program End Date, and will then be automatically cancelled.

Members may leave the Program at any time, at their sole discretion, by sending an email to this effect via the Contact Us page on the Site. The member’s information will be deleted and the points accumulated in their account will be revoked and cancelled. Furthermore, members who delete the personal information required for Program membership will have their accounts revoked and cancelled, and their attributed points will also be revoked and cancelled.

If the APSCTQ is prevented from continuing the Program, it can be interrupted, suspended or cancelled without notice and without any possibility of a claim against the APSCTQ. Thus, in the case of interruption or termination of the Program for any reason whatsoever, members acknowledge and accept that the APSCTQ will be automatically released from any liability whatsoever regarding members, since members renounce by their enrolment in the Program any right to recourse against the APSCTQ and/or the participating Toyota dealers in this regard.

Program members acknowledge and accept that the APSCTQ has no liability whatsoever arising from the loss or the temporary or permanent unavailability of data associated with their accounts, or errors in their accounts, since members renounce by their enrolment in the Program any right to recourse against the APSCTQ and/or the participating Toyota dealers in this regard. As well, Program members acknowledge and accept that the APSCTQ has no liability whatsoever regarding the uninterrupted service of the Internet and Web solutions used for the Program, since members renounce by their enrolment in the Program any right to recourse against the APSCTQ and/or the participating Toyota dealers in this regard.

The APSCTQ can unilaterally modify, limit, suspend and interrupt certain Program terms or conditions without prior notice. The following terms and conditions can be modified: Program enrolment terms, number of points awarded per dollar spent, value of point redemption, eligible purchases to earn or redeem points, etc. Any modifications, restrictions, suspensions or interruptions of Program terms and conditions will be posted online on the Site and will be, when required to do so, notably in the case of any modification to an element essential to the Program, communicated to members via a notice sent by email if they have provided an email address, or my mail if they have not. In the event an element essential to the Program terms and conditions is unilaterally modified, the APSCTQ will send members, between the ninetieth (90th) and sixtieth (60th) day prior to the modification taking effect, legible written notice that exclusively contains the new modified clause or clauses as well as the previous version and the date the modification(s) come(s) into effect.

The version of the Program terms and conditions on the Site shall prevail over any other versions.

Members can be excluded from the Program for cause if they do not comply with the Program terms and conditions, if they make false statements, or if they abuse or attempt to abuse their privileges. All points attributed to members in such cases will be revoked and cancelled.

Program members acknowledge and accept that the APSCTQ has no liability whatsoever arising from any loss or damages caused by the products or services purchased at participating Quebec Toyota dealers and that it offers no guarantee whatsoever of said products, since members renounce by their enrolment in the Program any right to recourse against the APSCTQ in this regard.

The Program is subject to the laws in effect in Quebec and in Canada.

Last update: April 17, 2020.